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The Sports Production Safety Group (SPSG), in partnership with the Sports Video Group (SVG), provides a series of safety briefing modules designed to make it easier for sports networks to comply with state and federal safety regulations while making our productions a safer place to work.

The safety briefing modules provide crews for all networks and leagues with a single set of best practices and recommendations that make it easier for everyone to understand expectations and stay safe on the job.


To collaborate within the sports broadcasting industry to accomplish the following Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) goals:
  1. Develop, implement and maintain consensus standards specific to the industry.
  2. Develop comprehensive EHS programs to ensure that production and operations personnel within the industry receive relevant job specific guidance.
  3. Provide consistent design, construction and maintenance guidance to sports venue owners, operators and design entities.
  4. Provide an online production-specific safety & health training and certification credentialing program.

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